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Moving to US, Friends, Boston (was Life Updates (was Annafest))
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-08-21 05:19:43

Sorry, couldn't resist. I know exactly what you mean and empathise. Franconians enjoy a reputation as being especially ...reserved, I guess... among the rest of the population, or so I've always heard.

Now that you bring it up, Aachener(s) (dialect: Oechner?) are more warmly friendly, at least the way I see them around here.

83 YO lady who I see walking her dog all the time just opened up and told me about how she and her sister were evacuated to Schlesia in 42, then brought back, only to be evacuated again, to Czechia, from where they walked back after the war, sometimes stepping over dead bodies. Her dad had hidden a Jewish person in their house through the entire war.

Hmmm...did I post about that already here and forget it? Anyway, not that it has to do with anything, other than these people seem more outgoing than die Franken.

I got especially isolated in that I wasn't working at all in my last couple of years, first because B took a sabbatical and we travelled a lot, then because I wasn't sure we were going to stay and I didn't want to take on any new pupils. And laziness.

Nice to hear of your evolution in the time you've had here...there.

Where is she living now, if she's moving to Bamberg? Don't say 3rl@ngen.
                   Moving to US, Friends, Boston (was Life Updates (was Annafest)) by Jason on  2019-08-21 05:55:44