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Kraus Hirschaid (accomodation)
Posted by Nick B. (formerly in Erlangen) on 2019-08-14 00:38:05
When I "guided" the tour bus/coachload of Nebraskans there years ago, the same thing happened. Quite a few rooms were "not available" and so  people had to traipse off to a motel a km or so away.

By that time, the driver had settled into a beer, and so couldn't drive them over. The morbidly obese lady of the house called for a taxi van, who showed up. I went along (I forget why, I wasn't going to stay there with the group, being that I lived in Erlangen, AKA the City That Won't Be Named Openly) and the driver wanted to charge 5 EUR per person for the pleasure of being driven a km or so. I told her that was a shameless ripoff, and should only get 1 EUR per person.


One older Nebraskan complained of sewer gas in his room.

Kraus come across as a bit full of themselves...don't miss it much. Captive market and all that. Somebody should open up some competition in Hirschaid for them.
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