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Detour en route Hirschaid–Regensburg
Posted by Jason on 2019-08-16 04:25:13
All the beers without the word “Kloster” on the label are brewed by Bischofshof. It’s a poor brewery that doesn’t warrant a visit. Schloderer is little better than home brew, Bruckmüller is the best of the center breweries. 

For it’s size and University, Regensburg isn’t really that interesting. It’s unfair to compare with Bamberg, but with over double the population I would expect more. Beer aside it is a very interesting and historical city and looks much better now they’ve eventually finished the bridge repairs.

There are a lot of interesting breweries around that can be accessed by public transport though. 
         Detour en route Hirschaid–Regensburg  by Carl on  2019-08-16 07:29:11
           Detour en route Hirschaid–Regensburg  by Jason on  2019-08-16 07:40:38
             Detour en route Hirschaid–Regensburg  by AndyH on  2019-08-16 07:58:45
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