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Wooden bridge
Posted by FredW on 2019-08-07 16:02:46
If you want to see a (17mb!) pano of the bridge, click here.

The picture is 10 years old so so and the path straight ahead is the Fünf Flüsse Radweg. The bridge is a bit outside of Essing proper (you can kind of see it up the hill in the upper left background).

BTW, I think Barm was just looking for places where he could hop off a train and have a beer since the Bayern ticket is good all day. Amberg has direct trains from Nürnberg and to Regensburg -- and the train station (IIRC) is not far from the Altstadt and a couple of the breweries. I am hazy on that as I've only been on Amberg by bicycle smiley