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OT: Sulzbach-Rosenberg
Posted by Jason on 2019-08-12 02:46:25
I took a trip out last Saturday to visit Regensburg and Laaber, with a plan to visit Proeslbraeu in Adlersberg. Also stopped in Neumarkt for a swift one in Gansbraue. Laaber was very pleasant but Kneitinger in Regensburg wasn't as good as I remember. Nothing wrong, maybe I just expected too much. I went into the craft beer shop near the bridge and left without buying anything and went into the getraenkemarkt down the road and left with a full rucksack. Kloster Mallersdorf, Proesslbraue and other local breweries make this a must visit and even if the beers can't be taken home all are refridgerated for immediate consumption. 

I decided to save Proesslbraue for another time and went to Fuchsbeck in Suzbach Rosenberg as previous visits had impressed. It's a traditional tap in what is a very attractive small town with 2 breweries (Sperber is a little more modern and foody but OK). I must say I think their Helles is one of the finest beers in the region and at just 4.5% also extremely drinkable. 

Given how close it is to Amberg (4 breweries), it comes throughly recommended as a day trip with the train. 
   OT: Sulzbach-Rosenberg  by John Ratcliffe on  2019-08-12 04:34:29