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Funf Seidla Steig
Posted by Jason on 2019-08-13 09:27:29
I can see a book coming... Mark’s Top 10 50 best Franconian beers! 

You’re memory served you well! We took a train to Eschenau then bus to Erlangen (where the driver scolded us for having open bottles- deplorable- and we all sat quiet as nice for the journey) and then the train to Bamberg. It saved us going into Nuremberg and probably around 45mins as the connections were good. If it’s more than the time it takes to drink a seidla I’m all for some public transport adventure! 

Also agree with the beer. Hoffmann was definitely on form in May. The extra stall outside in the garden tells it’s own story. 

           Funf Seidla Steig by Barry Taylor on  2019-08-13 14:48:46
             Funf Seidla Steig by ANDREW H on  2019-08-14 03:57:01