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OT: Eschawo & Prague
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-08-20 09:28:04
  I will be in Eschawo from September 10 to 15 (Weisse Schwan Stamtisch + Gloser and Schoilmichel); September 15 to 20 back in Prague!

I hadn't intended to go back to Prague so quickly but a friend in Eschawo reminded me that I'd promised to go with him this September - so, a promise is a promise and this one is so difficult to keep!  We've only got 5 nights and I bet several of my Forum friends will have little difficulty in naming the most likely places for a visit!  Hint, unlikely to include beers selling IPA (east or west coast), stouts, porters, pales, etc.  Well, mostly.
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