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Bockbieranstiche ante portas...
Posted by Jason on 2019-09-03 07:51:18
It's mainly due to the US having more experience with the southern Bavarian bock styles, not the Franconian. Maibocks are almost always light wherever you go. Doppelbocks are almost always dark. The latter are released mainly in March time, during Fastenzeit. But in Franconia, most Bockbiers are light and we don't really have Doppelbocks, aside from a few during fastenzeit, and these are fastenbocks. There are exceptions, but not many. Of course the lines are blurred across styles. 

Off the top of my head, both Hummel and Wagner release light and pale bockbiers. Gradl in Leups has a dark bock. And of course Spezial. Those aside, and Fassla's rather sickly amber bock, the majority are light. 

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