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Price Increases
Posted by Jason on 2019-09-03 12:29:38
​On arrival in Dörfleins this evening after they reopened post Urlaub, there was a note on the door setting out price increases, 2,50€ now, up 10cents. 

I’m very divided on this topic and i don’t have a strong opinion either way. I’m divided because I feel the beer here is cheap - Bamberg excepted - but I’m not comfortable with regular price hikes. I can’t remember the last time the beer went up in Dörfleins, but I know that Spezial and Schlenkerla (and others) have developed an annoying habit of simply raising prices by 10cents every year. I’ve no idea whether they make a qualitative evaluation of costs etc before this or whether they do it “because they can”. Fluctuations in raw materials are factors of course. But where does this end? Schlenkerla don’t need it, that’s for sure, it’s a gold mine, no question. 

As far as I can tell (again, this isn’t a scientific study), bottled beer prices are not rising and are a long way away from pub prices, at around 70cents per bottle. At what point will
people begin to stay at home? Could be a way away but food prices are also rising. 

I also wonder about beer prices in Munich. How much higher can they go before people start to question the economic viability of drinking out? Granted Bavaria and Munich are rich, but inflation isn’t rising at the rate of beer prices. And let’s not forget the Augustiner brewery tap
serves beer 20cents cheaper than in Bamberg currently. But they can probably afford to. 

What about the service personnel? The boundary between 2,90€ and 3€ would have hurt them too as they wouldn’t get much rounding up. What about beer tax? Germany has the lowest in Europe, I reckon the profit per beer made in some Bamberg breweries is higher than many London breweries, notwithstanding the retail price differential. 

No idea where this is going, if anyone has any experience would be interesting to hear. 
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