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OT - Munich
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-09-05 09:20:32
The thread on price increases reminded me to post about our 4 day visit to Munich at the end of July.  

We went there after being in Franken (based on Bamberg as usual) for 10 days.  Some suggested prior that it's better to visit Munich first to avoid the dissapointment of downgrade.  But I don't think it really mattered.  It's nice to have a change of scenery after 10 days in one spot regardless of the order.  It's a different kettle of fish than Franken for sure and not comparable beer wise but we had a great time in and around Munich regardless. 

One of the things that really made the 4 days enjoyable was the day trips.  We went to Tegernsee one day which was well worth it and of course did the day trip to Salzburg via a detour to Bad Reichenhall.  Big kudos to the brewery in Bad Reichenhall.  It was one of our favorites of the whole trip and I think worthy of a revist and a place to overnight for a couple of nights.  Salzburg was great of course and those that have been to the monastery brewery there need no explanation.  The beer and the atmosphere are both wonderful.  The train station in Freilassing was the junction to get to Bad Reichenhall and then back to the main line to Salzburg.  We did take advantage of the stop there to visit the Weissbierbrauerei in Freilassing.  It was kind of an old school/local hangout type of place.  I mean really why wouldn't it be.  I can't imagine a lot of tourists stopping off at Freilassing.  The beer was decent as far as Weissbiers go and I think they only had one on tap.

The only other short trip we did outside of Munich was a train ride out to Brauerei Maisach.  This I highly recommend.  Very nice beer and the beer garden out back almost has a Franconian bier keller type atmoshphere to it (albeit flat terrain).  

As far as Munich goes I don't think we did anything unique but here are the highlights/lowlights:

Hirschgarten I think was our unanimous favorite place to be in the city and I'd have to put Augustiner Keller second.  I just enjoy the big, self service, bier garten atmopsheres of those places.

Also enjoyed walking around and drinking at Viktualenmarkt on our last day.  Did stop at Der Schorr while over there for lunch and it was by far the priciest place of the trip.  

We spent sometime at the Ayinger pub across from the Hofbrauhaus and managed to get a couple of the beers from the barrel that they tapped later than usual.  The barrel emptied fairly quickly as it was busy.  

We did visit the Nuernberger Bratwurst Glockl Am Dom for some dinner and Augustiner from the barrel. I liked this place a lot for the beer and the atmosphere but were victims of the notorious Munich short pour that we heard about.  We spoke up and problem was solved but it's annoying to have to complain about this to the waitress.  We watched in disbelief at the number of short pours that were being carried out to patrons.  Some of them were apalling.  I can't say that this was a big problem at any other establishment that we visited.

The beer and food was very good at Augustiner Grossgastatte.

A lowlight was Andechs Am Dom.  Well the Helles was okay but the Dunkel was not good and two of us ordered it and refused to drink it.  Sickly sweet.

The Tap House over by the Ostbahnhof did not impress either.  Small, expensive pours of mediocre "craft beer".  I'm not opposed to multi-tap craft beer pubs.  I really like some of the ones in Prague.  This one in Munich was lame.

All in all I like Munich but I like the day trips available from the city the best.  I'm not going to be in a rush to revisit.  I think next time around in southern Bavaria we'll spend more time in the mountains in places like Bad Reichenhall and probably skip Munich altogether but I'm glad we did the 4 days on this past trip there.

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