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Brauhaus zum Sternla - o'zapft is
Posted by Jason on 2019-09-13 04:01:57
Well I certainly wouldn't go if i was on holiday here. I went a few months ago for only the second time since it opened and walked out soon after. I've nothing against craft beer if it's good, but all the beer styles were a bit odd, IPA with guava fruit and other such things. Gimmicky. Bit like Hopfengarten. If you need lots of added ingredients to make your beer interesting you should be a chef, not a brewer (IMO). 

That said I quite often go to Weyermann to buy some interesting bottles, just for a change. Not theirs, obviously, but it has as good a selection as some beer shops, and the prices are dirt cheap. 
                 Brauhaus zum Sternla - o'zapft is  by AndyH on  2019-09-13 05:16:55