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Ot: Zoigl Kultur Erleben
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-09-12 04:43:35
I've put this as a new topic because 'Zoigltag' got a fair way off the subject in the end. I talked with Norbert Neugirg about it a fair bit last night. The idea was to avoid the chaos of the former Zoigltag in Neuhaus, which may have been a hoot for some, bu was a total pain for the residents. The idea was to present some of the 'deeper' cultural aspects of the tradition, with talks and films, etc., While enabling people to sample all the Zoigl towns. Anna Popp, Martin's daughter who is a chemist working for a brewery, gave an opening talk, and was followed by a doctor talking about the dangers of alcoholism! Sounds odd but everyone said that it was really good _ and then carried on drinking! Norbert said that attendance was a bit disappointing but it was the first try. Zoigl has now been recognised by UNESCO as an artefact óf special cultural significance and Norbert is in Brussels today, with the President of Bavaria and 60 litres of Gloser Zoigl - the latter driven there by special car! He's giving a speech about the significance of Zoigl to the people of the Oberpfalz while dressed in his 1920's fireman's uniform! Incredible.
   Ot: Zoigl Kultur Erleben by Jason  on  2019-09-12 04:47:43