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Sternla bier
Posted by Jason on 2019-09-16 01:03:58
So I spent a few hours sampling the new Sternla Zwickl on Saturday afternoon. The quality was fine, nothing exciting and I must admit i was hoping for better, if i was a qualified brewmaster I would expect more. But it was drinkable and inoffensive.

They will brew a bock and then an export - the latter will need to be better quality than the zwickel to stand up to scrutiny. I'm sure the tourists will lap it up, and I can't help thinking that was the motivation behind the brewery. 
   Sternla bier  by AndyH on  2019-09-16 03:49:26
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   Sternla bier  by AndyH on  2019-09-16 03:53:22
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