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Bavarian Anstich keg supplies in Bamberg?
Posted by Norbert on 2019-10-01 00:42:40
With that budget you likely can choose.
I'd consider getting the modern style Bavarian ANSTICH kegs that also have a coupling (mostly A- or European Sankey, but can easily be changed). You can slid a 'degasser' coupling over it.

-- Why? - Admittably I prefer the classical 'Pfeife' degasser as it's more precise, but the new style Anstichs ones come with a few upsides for occassional users.
A) You can clean them with regular keg-cleaners (instead of handling hot water/caustic in the open - if you have a cask cleaner, never mind).
B) You don't need to rebuy bungs (no bung wrench) and mallet - practical if you don't have an obvious source.
C) Modern Anstichs have self-closing mechanisms. So you can pull the Zapfhahn and it's near impossible to screw up when opening it. (but don't hammer it! - good chance the mechanism could break).

And visually they're indistinguisgable on first view (different designs available) Won't have all the romantic charme, but worth a consideration. A brewery using them is ie. Keesmann.
If you choose this route, get the plastic degasser (working much better than the metal ones).
And generally make sure to get a fitting Brass Zapfhahn for your Anstich. Multiple different designs exists (magnetic, different diameters, locking mechanism).

See here:

Second hand traditional Anstichs:
If you're having a friendly chat with Knoblach, you can likely pick up a few used traditional 15L Anstichs ones for VERY cheap.
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