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Bavarian Antisch keg supplies in Bamberg?
Posted by Jason on 2019-09-30 12:20:41
I would say Heinrich Leicht has all you need.

If you get a brass zapfhahn, with a screw bung built in, you won't need a mallet or a bung (you'll need a bung for the top, plus a 'whistle' of course). They are quite expensive (80EUR a set), so if it's a one-off, a plastic tap is fine, top and bottom. Then you need a hammer, metal is fine. You don't need a bung wrench, they come out easily enough. 

I don't know if they sell barrels, you'll have to make enquiries, but I'm sure they could help you if they don't. 
     Bavarian Antisch keg supplies in Bamberg? by Jason  on  2019-09-30 12:22:40
       Bavarian Antisch keg supplies in Bamberg? by ToddA on  2019-09-30 13:01:21