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Ridiculously expensive Kellerbier
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2019-11-07 02:47:05
A couple of nights ago, I had an interesting conversation with 'Max' proprietor and brewer (and an excellent one as well - formerly at Heavy Industry) at my local micropub, the Black Cloak.  Although largely a dispenser of craft keg stuff, they always have three cask ales available, a mixture of Max's beers and guests.  This week, one of the guests was 'Proper', a 6.2% stout brewed by Cloudwater in Manchester, in collaboration with Salt.  It's a lovely, well-made beer.

This is marked up on Cloudwater's website at £4.25 for a 440 mls can but the Cloak was selling it at £3.90 for a full UK pint (20 fl.oz or around 570 mls).  I asked Max about this and he told me that they decided that, with their normal mark up on the brewry's wholesale price, it would retail at over £6 a pint!  So, as a gesture to their customers, they decided to sell it at £3.90, which I think is jolly decent - especially for penurious pensioners in this God-forsaken land!