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Ridiculously expensive Kellerbier
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2019-11-03 05:03:02
That's a lot of money, even for an excellent beer.

We've had a lot of discussions over the years about the prices of beer in different places.  Currently, in the UK, there is a big variation, so some examples:

The cheapest - probably in Wetherspoons where it is possible to drink Ruddles cask bitter (brewed by Greene King) for £1.69/pint (20 fl.ozs).  Otherwise, apart from Sam Smith's pubs, where the cask bitter varies from £2 - something, it seems to average between £3 and £3.50.  In Colwyn Bay (a small town - 30,000 pop.), it's hard to find cask beer under £3.30.  Last week In the Salisbury in central Manchester (my regular stop when travelling), I had a nice pint of Bateman's something or other (not XB or XXB, but very tasty) for £3.30, with my CAMRA discount.  However, I believe that it is possible to pay as much as £5 in come city centre pubs.

London has a reputation for expensive beer but, in Hoxton, East London, a few months, i bought three pints of cask bitter for less than £12, which surprised me. 

     Ridiculously expensive Kellerbier  by Jason on  2019-11-03 11:03:46
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