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Nuremberg flights
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2019-12-07 02:13:37
The history of UK flights into NUE is pretty dire. I think Wizzair were flying from STN before they got wiped out by Ryanair in a price war. Ryanair operated flights from several UK airports for about three years before they started dropping out this year. It was said that Ryanair started the NUE flights as a strike against Lufthansa with whom they've been in a price war for years. I think that they wanted to get into FRA, which they were denied for ages. Now they've got all the major German airports, I reckon that flights to NUE and Memmingen are doomed. I wonder if anyone will step into the NUE gap? Can't see easyJet doing it, they've got MUC and that covers the major Bavarian destinations. I'd love to travel by train but it's really expensive from North Wales and difficult with times, due to the frailties of British train companies, which are nearly all foreign owned. So much for British enterprise.
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