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Krug Geisfeld to re-open in January
Posted by Jason on 2019-12-20 09:26:03
Andy - I wasn't referencing your post, but the original, no worries

Carl - exactly, agree. Though I've no idea what a 'Keller pils' is. Though there's an example or two around here creeping in. Just call it an unfiltered pils and stop taking foreign names and putting them together. Sierra Nevada do a Keller Weizen. I've not the foggiest what that is supposed to be. From memory it was good, but it's a Bavarian Weizen. Call it what it is, true to style. Educate people. Don't pervade ignorance, there's enough about. 

We have enough here with ignorant M√ľnchners thinking a Bierkeller is underground, we don't need more confusion overseas :) 
                         Krug Geisfeld to re-open in January by Carl on  2019-12-20 13:25:31
                           Krug Geisfeld to re-open in January by AndyH on  2019-12-23 02:35:31
                         Krug Geisfeld to re-open in January by AndyH on  2019-12-23 02:36:42