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Krug Geisfeld to re-open in January
Posted by Carl on 2019-12-20 06:32:59
This thread seems to be getting off-topic, but who am I to reign it in ?
I think many Europeans may be surprised to hear that Hop Bombs in the USA may have reached their peak.  I think many breweries are now trying their hand at other styles, including lagers, some doing a very good job.  In my area, regional brewer Summit Brewing (St. Paul, MN) makes a Keller Pils, that is very reminiscent of a Franconian lager.  Schell's Brewing (New Ulm, MN, also regional), also makes a Keller Pils, and is very good also.
There is such a glut of breweries and offerings from each brewery, that even the regional ones are having trouble getting the distributors to carry more than a few off their offerings; hence the Keller Pils-type beers are not regularly found outside of the brewery's immediate city.  (They are easily found in "variety packs" of 3-4 varieties from the same brewer, but then you have to drink the rest, which may not be for your palate.)
The head brewer at Fargo Brewing Co. (maybe the largest locally) loves Keller Pils, and is so frustrated that he can't get it, that he brewed a similar beer recently (40 barrels).  I tasted it early (before lagering was complete), and thought it was very good.