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Mahrs-Bräu to boycott returnable crates system
Posted by Jason on 2019-12-20 00:36:11
I don't want to dwell on this as we probably won't know definitively, but...

Mahr has an output of approximately 25.000hl per year. If they lose 200,000€ of cases per year, and yet still charge a (low) deposit of 1,50€ per case (normal) vs a worth of 6€ (as quoted in the press) that's 44.000 cases of beer lost per year. That equates to 4.000hl of beer, a little under 1/5 of their output. Or are my calculations wrong? 

I dunno, but it seems ridiculously high. If I lost that in 1 year, I'd make sure it didn't happen again the next, nevermind 4 years in a row (and how much before?). 

ps this brewery you mention, I think you mean 12.000hl per year or? Otherwise that's over 200.000hl per year. Assuming so, it seems that a brewery half the size of Mahr loses 2000€ per year on cases. That's a number I can relate to, in spite of Mahrs' exports. Doesn't add up. 
             Mahrs-Bräu to boycott returnable crates system by Jason on  2019-12-20 00:41:46