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Senftenberg, Witzgall & Georgenbraeu Kellers (was Favourite Kellers)
Posted by Nick B (formerly ErlangerNick on 2021-02-17 07:39:23
Hoenig beer at the Senftenberg Keller? [...searches for info on the internet...] Ah, the Gunzendorfer Sauer stopped brewing in 2014. I'd forgotten. It wasn't great beer, and the Greek food at the Keller was a bit different, but it was a beautiful spot, and a real treat after the bike ride up the hill. We only went there a couple of times. IIRC, there are stations of the cross along the way up, like at Kreuzberg.

Wait...there are stations of the cross going up the Kreuzberg, aren't there?

I've missed a good argument about Witzgall. I presume the Keller is still closed. I will then also presume that just as in the past, that the Kellerbier is only served at the Keller, and the Vollbier is served at the brewery. They were two very different beers, and people loved to rave about the Kellerbier, maybe in part because of its rarity.

Witzgall's Vollbier came to displace the Kellerbier for me, as I grew to appreciate its subtlety over the Kellerbier's bluntness. A light "peppery" note on top of a slight hint of diacytel...just a delectible, rustic Lager. 

The view of Buttenheim and even Bamberg from the Georgenbraeu Keller is worth the price of the beer.