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A rather unpleasant experience : and a reminder of the law
Posted by Nick B (formerly ErlangerNick on 2021-02-17 09:56:01
Thanks, you've made me LOL. Well, chuckle OL anyway.

A couple of guys got on me for snapping a pic of a bar counter crammed with Pils & Koelsch glassware at a lovely old tavern in suburban Aachen (one which was sadly going to close and be converted to flats!) in 2019. They didn't want to be photographed, and didn't like my explanation that it was just a great pic of a bar full of "dead soldiers" and they were merely incidental to the scene.

Also, Franz Roppelt once explained he "had to" set his Kellerwebcam up so that people couldn't be positively identified after numerous complaints about it. In that case, it was more jokingly about how people didn't want to be spotted at the Bierkeller instead of at work, rather than outright privacy.

Barry, it may well have been me that explained the bit about German law holding WLAN/WiFi providers liable for users' illegal activity. I recall Herr Schoolmann explaining it to me, and that the law was being tabled at some point.