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Landwinkl - Fässla?
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2021-01-03 06:09:19
I'm sure that Fred wouldn't want this to develop into a long-running political discussion but just to say that Bayern has hardly been, historically, a bastion of progressive thinking.

Re Faessla: I've no idea about the owners but it seems to me that the clientele is so diverse (with a big student base) that it would be hard to find any unified leanings.  When I go into Faessla nowadays, I'm usually on my own, so I sit at the table in the Schwemm and just watch the crowds roll by.  Most of the Schwemm regulars are a friendly, but diverse bunch, getting on with lives and enjoying a Seidla (or several).  The diversity of the place is one of the things that I like about it - it's not particularly touristy, though you plenty of tourists, just ... interesting!      
                               Landwinkl - Fässla? by Robbie on  2021-01-03 07:40:11
                               Landwinkl - Fässla? by Mark Andersen on  2021-01-06 06:50:51