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Political Discomfort in Hirschaid
Posted by Nick B (formerly ErlangerNick on 2021-02-16 07:04:55
Nice story Andy. I think Uncle Jimbo and I were out at a Keller pretty late once, and a young drunk guy who heard us speaking "American" got all upset with us. His friends intervened, explaining that he'd just lost a girlfriend to a Yank or something.

I assume people at Kraus (staff and/or regulars) have expressed political opinions that run afoul of some people on here. Such is life. It's farming country, after all, so more conservative than urban areas, just like anywhere.

I used to get worked up about politics. Moving abroad changed that. Also maybe having other things to worry about displaced it.

AFA uncomfortable situations at Kraus go, during our first couple of years living in Erlangen, we ended up having Karpfen at Kraus one weekend evening. It was busy, and we ended up sitting with a group of young local guys. We were already 40-something, so a bit out of touch with the trials and tribulations of young bachelor life.

They were well in their cups (as someone said on here recently) and a bit more forthcoming with stories of personal challenges than they might otherwise have been. Anyway, the kid next to me started in about how he's made mistakes in life, most notably and recently getting a girl pregnant.

None of the conversation was uncomfortable, but the atmosphere was. It was stuffy, loud, and smokey. It was also when Becki was suffering from some never-properly-diagnosed metabolic condition (that's long gone away), during which she was prone to near-panic-attacks, and so being surrounded by loud, nearly-stinky-drunk youths in a stuffy corner booth was a bit of a challenge.

Otherwise, Kraus was always a pleasant place for us, except for the flaunting of the Rauchverbot (smoking ban) early on in...2008? 

How's adidas life these days, Jason? B is more in touch with fellow former adidas and Nike people these days than current ones.