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Ahornla Bräu
Posted by Jason on 2021-01-18 09:47:29
Some small updates on the planned brewery in Ahornla im Sand. They have recruited an ex Mahrs Brewer who recently left (not sure by choice). I'm somewhat encouraged by this, as it suggests a certain level of commitment that potentially bodes well.

They also did a poll on what beers they should brew first. Clearly a marketing ploy and I'm not sure if the options are particularly diverse but the top 3 were Lager, Pils and Helles. I just wish they'd focus on brewing 1 beer well and then move onto another but this seems to be the modern way. I understand they are currently going through the planning applications. 

It's not much by way of information but life is a little thin on the ground here at the moment. 
   Ahornla Bräu by Barry Taylor on  2021-01-18 12:23:33