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OT (a bit): News from Eschawo
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2021-01-24 08:40:22
Well not much really but my friend Ludwig called me today, so a few snippets.

First, the oldest surviving (but not operating) Zoigl Stub'n in Eschawo is Der Stern, which has stood empty and semi-derelict for many years (before my time in the town) has been bought by someone with money and is being rebuilt.  Hopefully, it will reopen as a Zoiglstub'n in two to three years but it's a really big job.
Second, the re-emergence of a Brauhaus in Neustadt is not imminent.  Apparently, the people behind the scheme were looking for some assistance from the town but that will not be forthcoming, particularly in current circumstances.
Third, Robbie Sperber (Binner) is brewing once a month, as is Schafferhof in Neuhaus, and both their Zoigl is available as per the Zoigl calender, one time per month. Otherwise, geschlossen!
Ludwig says the C-19 situation is much the same as in the U.K.: the over 80s have had their first vaccination but there is not enough vaccine to carry out the second.  Germany seems to be totally reliant on the Bion-tech/Pfizer vaccine, though he reckons that supplies of the Astra-Zenica have been ordered but are not forthcoming.
That's it, folks!
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