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Spezial U
Posted by Jason on 2021-02-12 01:01:34
Sorry, this myth about smoke and equipment is just that: there is no evidence for this and I've heard that from very good sources. Besides the fact that most equipment in professional brewing is stainless steel, any residue (not only smoke flavor traces) left from a previous batch could cause infection. Other materials of you're a home brewer may be different. You could also say the same about a brewery that brews a lot of ipa - it doesn't mean that they can't brew a helles without fearing hop oil residue. 

It's the yeast. I just assumed Spezi brewed with 2 different yeast strains but in hindsight why would they. That was a silly assumption. It's not the starter beer used as that's a tiny amount, but it's the yeast 'memory' for what of a better word. This is why I asked for a scientific explanation but aside from Andrew there hasn't been one. 
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