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Hausbräu - update
Posted by Jason Watts on 2021-04-06 03:11:29
Interesting Andrew, thanks. Looks like I would need to brush up on my German brewing terminology. Next time I think we would go to Doerleins - I know them very well so I can ask some questions - Stefan Zehendner wasn't there on the day. 

My strong hunch is that the beer still has some fermenting out to go (or else why bother, from the brewery and customer side - the cheap price suggests the process is not yet finished). This is why (under instruction from the former Klosterbraeu brewer) we left the barrel open for 2-3 days before sealing the key stone. During these days the beer showed clear signs of fermentation. It was also clearly necessary as the continual topping up of the barrel during filling would have aerated the beer a lot. 

The advice my friend was given was also 5 weeks' lagering rather than e.g. 4, to prevent a 'headache' the next day. I'm assuming this would be because of non-fermented out sugars. It's definitely something I want to learn more about and would rather ask the brewers so whenever life gets more normal I can have more opportunity.  
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