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Posted by David Greenlee on 2021-04-29 12:34:32
Absolutely Barry. I am enjoying a rare Schlenkerla Helles Unfiltered. They releaased some in February this year but unfortunately I wasn't quick enough. A second batch was released into the wild last week and this time I was lucky to secure a few bottles. Very tasty indeed
       Schlenkerla Helles Unfiltered by Uncle Jimbo on  2021-04-29 21:07:21
         Schlenkerla Helles Unfiltered by FredW on  2021-04-29 21:31:02
           Schlenkerla Helles Unfiltered by Jason on  2021-04-29 23:48:04
             Schlenkerla Helles Unfiltered by FredW on  2021-04-30 06:28:12
               Schlenkerla Helles Unfiltered by Uncle Jimbo on  2021-05-01 07:07:53
                 Schlenkerla Helles Unfiltered by Kim Lund Johansen on  2021-05-01 08:21:48
                   Schlenkerla Helles Unfiltered by Kim Lund Johansen on  2021-05-01 08:37:32
               Schlenkerla Helles Unfiltered by Jason Watts on  2021-05-03 04:33:12