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Posted by Sen on 2021-04-26 11:05:45
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By chance I stumbled over the 1990 edition of Stefan Macks 'Fraenkische Brauereikarte' and as he mentions the 'name' of the beers each brewery produces, decided to count and map them*. Let's see if we can carefully glean something from this.

* blindly assuming that the info is correct and complete
** not knowing what the terms signify
*** not knowing what other terms are used in other breweries to describe that bier
380 breweries
throughout all Franken

- 19 Landbiers in total (in name)
- 8 specifically mentioning 'Dunkles Landbier/Landbier (Dunkel)'

Brauerei Pyraser
Brauerei Stroessner
Schwann Brau
Brauerei Reh
Brauerei Raab
Brauerei Duell
Brauerei Kesselrring
Kauzen Brau
Brauerei Dornbrau (dunkel)
Brauerei Georg Polster (dunkel)
Brauerei Wiethaler (dunkel)
Brauerei Friedmann (dunkel)
Brauerei Hoffman (dunkel)
Brauerei Schleicher (dunkel)
Brauerei Reblitz (dunkel)
Brauerei Lindenhardt (dunkel)

Landbier mapped:

- 19 Kellerbier in total
- incl beers with 'Keller in the name'

St Georgenbrau
Lowenbrau Buttenheim (Kellerbier & Keller leicht)
Sonne Ebermannstadt
Puls Brau
Brauerei Falter
Mueller Brau
Brauerei Griess
Brauerei Drei Kronen
Schlossbrauerei Reckendorf
Brauerei Foessel
Brauerei Wolf
Brauerei Weiss Rosl
Brauerei Wagner Oberhaid
Brauerei Kiessling
Brauerei Bayer Theinheim
Brauerei Kalt Loch

Kellerbier mapped:

PS: lots has been said already:

most often named are (in order of feeling):
dunkles, pils, lagerbier, festbier, export, vollbier, bock, maerzen, helles.

only two/three mention of zwicklbier/zwickelbier (one clarified as unfiltered pils) and one mention of zwickelpils.

Ungespundet, while rarely in name is increasingly often mentioned among the last 150 breweries as descriptor. Missing the map, on first glance this seems to be the region around Buttenheim/Bamberg/Merkendorf/Burgebrach towards Wuerzburg.
   Landbier/Kellerbier by Robbie on  2021-04-29 04:26:48