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Situation update in Franconia
Posted by Jason on 2021-05-07 01:39:15
Yeah I get that... however they are easily led by flashing lights and white noise in my opinion, a lot of fuss about breweries like Hertl and Brobier (Reckendorf contract brewed). Always people outside Landwinkl when they have 'to go' offerings. I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. But perhaps there's a message there for the more traditional breweries that they need to up their game to avoid losing new generations whose heads are easily turns by increasingly savvy marketing. The tradgedy of course is that the best products speak loudly enough for themselves. 

On another note, breweries that have reached out to their communities deserve to come out of this well. Beer and food ' to go' will have for sure made new fans and cemented community loyalties in my opinion, more than any monetary benefit.. Examples would be Greifenklau, Eichhorn, Holzlein and Spezial (to a lesser extent). Schlenkerla as well, especially as they probably poured more beer away than sold but they made the effort. Those brewwwries that didn't are hardly surprising (Mahrs Brau and Fässla above all) but I guess this is all conjecture. 

However, it's definitely positive that more people have turned to regional products in the last year or so. I'm sure there will be a boom after this that might not come close to recovering losses, but may make lifelong customers. There's a market out there to be tapped.