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Posted by Jason on 2021-06-27 08:52:31
I think it's definitely more complicated than it seems, as Rio's interesting observations showed. But in spite of what Mark said (which was valid), it's a very delicate balance. I expected it too, but Schlenkerla have always been the first in Bamberg to raise prices and they have done it every year since I've been living here - in spite of inflation being very low. Yes, raw material prices fluctuate as well. And of course Corona is different, but prices only go in 1 direction, so raising prices as a result of a crisis is all well and good, but it's a long term solution for a (relatively) short term problem.

The point about the volume is very significant. It's the same with the food here, it's cheap but it's also canteen food of the 'pile it high sell it cheap' type. A lot of people eat out because it's almost cheaper than cooking yourself. As soon as price rises change that, people will eat more at home (perhaps). And again, when you can buy a case of beer (10 liters) for 10€, people will start to change their habits which is of course what's happened over the decades. But in both cases places that don't offer anything special will lose business. Schlenkerla is maybe a place that won't due to tourism - but this is why I don't like their annual price hikes because it punishes those who live here and are also customers. 

This is all conjecture of course and as Rio wrote you'd need to look at a lot of different data sets to identify trends and make informed predictions. 
       Prices by AndyH on  2021-08-20 03:26:33