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Posted by Rio on 2021-06-26 01:31:54
The price conversation is difficult and, in my opinion, can only progress with thorough comparison and data points.

Franconian/Southern-German/Czech beer prices rely on the volumes and non-obvious, insignificant seeming decreases can have drastic consequences on equipment utilisation, personal requirments, in-house vs outsource, ...

The historic trend (alcohol consumption) has been negative steadly negative for a long time. Franconia/Bavaria/Czech are the outliners having decreased much slower, but will inevitable keep decreasing.

Another detail is that production businesses as Schlenkerla that have maxed out their physical spaces both culturally and technically tend to be slow readjusting. It's quite amazing how proactive they've been introducing new beers + lower alcohol ones and brands. Their luck is that the traditional brewing processes have alot of fat (ie time) compared British Mild brewing. If desired and avenues are found, that time can be reutilised but likely is limited by their filling capacities. I have no ideas if any of this matters, but worth keeping in mind.

Also curious about the rise of other goods in bars/restaurants. Likely unimportant for Schlenkerla, but rent increases have been substantial over the last 10 years throughout Germany. Add an increase in bars/restaurants without the same growth in audience. Having to pay your salaried staff 20% during how many month of closed business.. and there might be the thinking that bar/restaurant (risk of business) has financially suffered more during Corona than large majority of income earners (which to an extend looking at recent saving data have grown) and other industries.

And add the same time we have the issue that salaries haven't tracked productivity gains in nearly 3 decades. Franconia, later than many other areas, might also approach the point where these prices will seem to be the result of specific historic conditions, unsustainable going forward.

Anyway - time will tell. But a price rise post-Corona was unavoidable.
     Prices by Rio on  2021-06-26 01:40:26