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Posted by Jason on 2021-07-05 07:18:45
Went to Ahornla on Friday to try the beer. Very average (even poor). Gassy, decent hop notes but also slightly buttery. Really wasn't expecting much so to go away disappointed was quite an achievement. 

Unfortunatley, unlike many places in the modern beer world, a new brewery isn't necesarily a cause for celebration. This has been the case for quite some years in Germany, mainly in the north where you get brewpubs with the Helles, Dunkel and Weizen range. There are exceptions of course, but very few seem to be established by people who are passionate about beer, mainly by people wanting to make money. Nothing wrong with that but why not both?

This is now the 5th new brewery to open in Bamberg in the last 5 years or so: Hopfengarten, Kronprinz, Landwinkl, Sternla and Ahornla. And honestly, I wouldn't visit any of them. Sternla is probably the best but it's way below the standard of the established breweries, especially in the landkreis. It baffles me how people think they can sell sub standard products in a city like Bamberg - in other much younger great brewing cities e.g. Portland I would say the quality has only got higher - if you can't keep up you go under. 

Very different. 
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