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Posted by Mosquit on 2021-07-10 21:21:36
There is definitively test center in front of the main station; as I understood, it is free only for people with German residency. 

Anyway, also some updates from a traveller-side, as I have spent few days in Bamberg & around. 
  • As a visitor from CZ ("no risk"), we don't need an entry-test; however we have needed a test in order to get accomodation. This was just a self-test provided by our landlord, all OK. 
  • Nearly all pubs are open; however with some limitations. Most of them are not having "standing tables" and basically you need to have your seat to get a beer. 
  • You need to register yourself everywhere - in any pub or cafe; nowadays easier with mobile app(s) and scanning QR codes at the tables. This has improved since last year. 
  • seating capacity is limited, so it is harder to get a table 
  • on the other hand, tourists are gone. During 3 days, I have seen just one group of english-speaking folks at Hummel; nobody else.