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Opening hours Keesmann - Indicative?
Posted by Jason on 2021-07-18 04:22:35
The other night I went to Keesmann for dinner. 1 person doing the whole outside area (inside closed). She did a sterling job but they had 4 tables not used as it would have been too much - they were turning people away. 

Also on the tables were signs saying that the opening hours would be Mon-Fri 14-22 and Sat 11.30-14.30 (ish). Food served throughout, but it's another shrinking of opening hours. I don't know why Keemann and Spezial (and Greifenklau I think) all no longer run until 11pm. I have a feeling this won't change - and this means last orders at 21.30 which is ridiculous.

This seems to be a continuing pattern. Problems getting staff and the decline of day drinking. The fact that some places are closing even on Sundays is also concerning. 
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