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In need of advice: Vienna, Austria
Posted by JohnRatcliffe on 2021-07-24 05:15:19
I was in Vienna 3 years ago. Plenty of bars, most serving the type of pale lager you would get all over Germany. On my last day, I went into a beer shop to get some to take home. I found a map of 'craft beer in Vienna', which would be worth trying to track down(couldnt use it as it was my last day!). As anywhere, most 'craft' is of the UK/USA type, although some places will do a Vienna style lager, just to remind you where you are. There are a good few brewpubs, best one Ive been in is Siebenstern, on Siebensterngasse. They usually have a rauchbier on if you are missing Franconia. Plenty of other bars in that area.
One place worth a try is Biergartl, Huttengasse 1, where they have a selection of beers from smaller Austrian breweries. Looks a long way out, but close to the UBahn.
When I was there, smoking was still permitted in bars, though there are non-smoking areas,  often just separated by a plastic screen, or a curtain.
As Jason says, please report back any findings, I will definitely be going again, once we are allowed.
     In need of advice: Vienna, Austria by Rich Katona on  2021-07-26 11:19:08