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current restrictions bamberg etc
Posted by Jason on 2021-08-10 06:00:12
Hi Jeff, the early closing is affecting Spezial, Keesmann and Greifenklau (I think). This is their decision and is not a new law or anything like that. I guess that, as the kitchen closes the profitablity drops due to reduced capacity. 

That was Rotenschild, above Stilbruch. Aside from that there is Catweasels Castle and Strawanza (not yet open fully) both up from Spezial. Pelikan, Pizzini and Abseits, Galerie am Stephansberg and Stoehrenkeller are the better known ones, plus a plethora of others.
                       current restrictions bamberg etc by Uncle Jimbo on  2021-08-10 23:15:42
                         current restrictions bamberg etc by Jason on  2021-08-11 00:53:27