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Planning to Travel
Posted by Barry on 2021-08-22 07:16:18
I'm terribly jealous reading all these plans!

I'm now back in west Clare trying to work out my future.  Due back for health checks in September (chaos in the NHS!), at which time maybe I'll have a better idea of my capabilities.  I'd love to be with you but, much as I love all of your company, the prospect of watching you drink litres of lovely beer while drinking water, coffee, etc., etc., is just too much to bear!

Andy and myself had a nice couple of sessions recently together around Bay City - Heineken Zero was ... zero - in taste, effect, just about everything.  The cheap coffee in Tim Martin's emporium was ok but for a  holiday in Franken - no way!

So, casting my envy aside, I wish you all a great time - well, that's guaranteed anyway.  Take care.