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OT: COVID Restrictions in the Netherlands
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2021-09-15 03:11:43
It has to be said that there is massive uncertainty about everything Covid at present.  In the UK, the govt has just issued its 'winter' Covid plan (only for England not Wales, etc.), which is as full of holes as a very large colendar - there are more eithers and ors than definites, so no one really has a clue what will happen.  I'm travelling to Ireland today presuming that I'll be able to get back to Wales but it doesn't really matter for me as I'm sort of living in both countries, anyway.

Whether Germany, Holland, France, Belgium or the Czech Republic can have any more certainty about future arrangements can't be guaranteed.  IMHO, the vaccine programme has given a false sense of security and, of course, politicians being what they are, will take any personal advantage that they can.

Others may disagree but I would say that, if you are contemplating travel from the USA, take great care in your arrangements and be prepared for sudden changes of policy.  The ability of a single country to act in isolation in these circumstances is pretty restricted.

Sorry if I sound very gloomy, thinking only of your welfare!  Take care.
       OT: COVID Restrictions in the Netherlands by Mark Andersen on  2021-09-15 13:55:15