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Bayerischer Anstich
Posted by B N on 2023-06-27 11:31:46
Last week at Schlenkerla just before 10pm, we were told bottles-only (except the Krausen which was still von Fass) at that hour, which was a bit of a surprise.  
We saw 2 diff at Häschaadä Keller     And three at Brandholz (Melkendorf) last Friday.  Wagner Merkendorf still has at least one.   Schumannskeller Bischberg, too.   I thought Dorfleins had a fake (like St Georgen Brau in Buttenheim) but the 'shelf' was missing a barrel - Jason would know.    Pelikan sometimes 2.      And of course  Mönchsambacher in the hallway under the stairs.
Happy hunting.
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