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OT: Czech Republic?
Posted by barry on 2023-07-12 12:55:11
Definitely worth doing, Jim.  There's a mixture of pubs - some of the city centre Urquell pubs are a bit 'restauranty' for my taste but there's an interesting little bar a few hundred metres from the station, I'll try and remember it's name.  I used to go from Eschawo (via Schwandorf on an old fashioned corridor train, cost me about a five - UKĀ£ - to Prague).  I used to get off the train in Plzen, nop to the above bar, have a couple of beers and get back on the train for the quick leg to Praha.
There's a fantastic bar situated in the middle of a disused salt works en route to Praha in a place called Beroun Medved - it comes complete with a scrapyard, replete with old cars and tanks!  Five minutes walk from the station, if you know where you're going!
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