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Landwinkl is still bloody dreadful
Posted by Rob Sterowski on 2024-01-04 13:39:11
Well I finally got a chance to try the Landwinkl pub (it was closed the last time I was here) and I can only concur with what Jason and others have been saying: the beer is terrible. I tried A Rauchigs and it was as fizzy as Coca-Cola (if you tried to beat the gas out the foam billowed up and then disappeared completely), had an unappetising burnt nose and the beer itself was thin and slightly acidic. Really, really bad and takes the "worst beer in Bamberg" crown.
   Landwinkl is still bloody dreadful by relinquishing the crown on  2024-01-04 19:17:23
     Landwinkl is still bloody dreadful by AndyH on  2024-01-08 02:56:21
       Landwinkl is still bloody dreadful by Rob Sterowski on  2024-01-08 03:24:21