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More closures
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2022-01-28 04:18:59
Oh dear.  Don't think that I know Murmann but certainly do know Eichhorn from our many visits to Forchheim.  It's a good few years sonce I was last in there but there always seemed a lack of enthusiasm by the owners, though the Vollbier was always excellent.  Nice little backyard to drink in and it will be missed.

It's a bit academic for me since I had to stop partaking but I get the feeling that we enjoyed the last knockings of the great days of Franken beer.  It doesn't seem likely that there will be a great revival, such as the rebirth of cask beer in the UK or flourishing of so many new breweries in Czechia.  The taste seems to be for cheap, drink at home bottled stuff, except in a few specialised places.
     More closures by Jason on  2022-01-29 04:42:23
       More closures by Barry  on  2022-01-29 07:30:05
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