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Posted by AndyH on 2022-02-15 06:34:04
I've noticed on website that no times are showing for S-Bahn trains between Nuremberg and Bamberg in July (certainly at the times I want to travel). IC ICE and RE are all appearing. Does anyone know if this is due to enginerring works or something or have they just not extended the timetable forward to July yet?
   S-Bahn by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-15 08:48:29
     S-Bahn by AndyH on  2022-02-16 02:41:00
       S-Bahn by Jason on  2022-02-16 09:20:35
         S-Bahn by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-17 05:00:42
           S-Bahn by AndyH on  2022-02-18 00:48:27
         S-Bahn by AndyH on  2022-02-18 00:53:55
           S-Bahn by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-18 05:08:41
             S-Bahn by AndyH on  2022-02-18 07:21:49
             Ebing by Mark Andersen on  2022-02-18 08:38:55
           S-Bahn by Mark Andersen on  2022-02-18 08:40:10
               Ebing by Rob Sterowski on  2022-02-18 09:00:12
               Ebing by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-18 09:18:51
                 Ebing by Barry Taylor on  2022-02-18 09:20:07
             S-Bahn by AndyH on  2022-02-22 04:34:19
               S-Bahn by Mark Andersen on  2022-02-22 14:12:53
                 S-Bahn by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-02-22 20:49:38
                 S-Bahn by AndyH on  2022-02-23 02:54:20
                   S-Bahn by Mark Andersen on  2022-02-23 05:07:32
                     S-Bahn - Annafest by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-02-23 21:18:24
         S-Bahn by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-03-24 04:52:58
           S-Bahn by Jason on  2022-03-24 06:43:14
             S-Bahn by Gavin Brooksbank on  2022-03-24 07:46:16
               S-Bahn by Jason on  2022-03-25 02:00:59
                 S-Bahn by gavin brooksbank on  2022-03-26 04:51:24
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