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Kitzmann, Erlangen closes
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2018-10-09 07:21:39
Here's what I wrote:
True is, that British douchebag bought the old Kommunbrauhaus, started to renovate it, threw out most of the interior, then quit and disappeared.

I never said he finished any renovation. Well, if you say he didn't even start to renovate it, you may be right. 
And NO! Not the whole Kommunbrauerei is working. Just the Gärkeller is working. The wort is brought to Neuhaus, then finished at the Gärkeller, which might be of modern appearance. Don't know, I've never been inside. 
Possible though, that the three remaining brewing families started to brew again at the experimental brewery of Kaiser. But that's just a hypothesis. 

And if I say the beer is great, it's just my personal taste. It's always a matter of taste. For me it's in the same league as the beers from Nankendorf, Spielbach, Schlammersdorf (b. Forchheim), Pferdsfeld, Hetzelsdorf, Sesslach, Heilgersdorf, Leups, Gnodstadt and so on. Just to give you a hint of my personal taste. 

Cheers, I'm off to Gnodstadt right now!
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