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Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2020-03-21 17:29:33

There is a wiki page on the orgin of the word Growler as used for beer in the US.  Apparently the early version were simply buckets of beer that made a "growling" noise as the beer sloshed around.  Today a Growler of Beer means a large container, usually a half-gallon glass jug, to take beer home.  And now we have a new word "Crowler" which is a hybrid of the words Can and Growler, though technically speaking a Crowler is just a type of Growler, and usually holds two pints (not four).

I don't know what word you have in mind to replace Growler.  
                         Corona Bamberg brewpubs by Barry Taylor on  2020-03-22 07:10:24
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