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First Franconian brewery to close for good because of Corona
Posted by uy on 2020-03-25 15:54:33
While I agree that 'begging' seems the wrong response, it's remarkably easy to be out of business quickly. Statiscally 'small' (UK) business can survive only 27 days without any added cashflow. And it's not balance sheet insolvency killing small companies but cashflow. Bars aren't particulary capital intensive beyond their inception, but often fall into patterns of bad financial practise, ie having too small financial buffers (Profit of Batch B pays for invoice of Batch A). So paying rent, staff and open invoices (of potentially unsold stock) can easily force an insolvency, regardless if staff costs will be restituted and loan fees scraped.
                 First Franconian brewery to close for good because of Corona by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-03-26 02:07:25
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