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Posted by Jason on 2020-04-08 09:09:41
I got my recent order from biershop bayern the other day, 9 bottles of Bürgerbräu Gustl from Bad Reichenhall, one of Bavaria's finest, and 9 bottles of export hell from Brauerei Gut Forstung. Gustl is a lovely unfiltered Kellerbier that is normally filtered in the bottle, and I was surprised to see a few cloudy bottles in my order (with no note in the ingredients of 'hefe'). Unfortunately these all turned out to be 'off'. Just a sniff was enough; they weren't terrible, but for what is normally a lovely drop were clearly way off the mark. 2/7 were fine and clear as a bell, and drunk well. All the same best before date. As the beer is normally unfiltered, I wonder if there was a mistake and some were not filtered. But that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Very unusual, I don't think I've ever had an off beer in Germany (outside Oberhaid, and that's not off, just bad). 

The Gut Forsting was excellent. Was very impressed on my 1 visit a few years ago. I have written an email asking if the shop would consider refunding me - I sent photos of the cloudy and clear versions. If it was 2/3 I wouldn't have bothered, and if they weren't 20€ odd for 9. We'll see what they come back with. 
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